Sample Report

Captain: Captain Ralph Steiger
Date of Trip: 07/06/2011
Port: East Chicago
Time of Departure: 06:00 am
Time of Arrival (to dock): 01:30 pm
Wind Direction: South
Wind Speed: 5 - 10
Wave Conditions: One to Two Feet
Depth of Water: 70-90
GPS Coordinantes (N-S): 48-50
GPS Coordinantes (E-W): 16-18
Trolling Direction: East to West
Target Species: Kings, Cohos, Steelhead
Trolling Speed: 2.8-3.0

Rod / Bait Choice


Line One: Stinger Regular spoon Green Bubble 65 down, 50 back
Line Two: Dreamweaver 8 inch Spindoctor UV crush 55 down, 30 back
Line Three: Dreamweaver Magnim spoon Gin and Ralphie 70 down, 40 back
Line Four: Pro King Magnum spoon blue/silver 50 down, 50 back

Dipsy Divers

Line One: John King 12 inch Flasher Double Glow/Rapture teasers Little Bride meat rig, 2.5 setting 165 out
Line Two: Dreamweaver 8 inch spindoctor Chrome Gator/Rapture Green Dude fly, 2.5 setting, 175 out

Port Side Planer Boards

Line One: 8 color leadcore with Dreamweaver Magmun spoon Fireball
Line Two: 10 color leadcore with Pro King Magnum spoon Double Glow
Line Three: 300 ft of 30lb copper with Warrior standard spoon Bloody Nose Ultra Glow
Line Four: 300 ft of 45 lb copper with Dreamweaver 8 inch spindoctor Bloodnose Glow/Rapture Little Bride fly

Starboard Side Planer Boards

Line One: 8 color leadcore with Dreamweaver regular spoon Mixed Veggies
Line Two: 10 color leadcore with Dreamweaver Magnum spoon Blue Icicle
Line Three: 300 ft of 30lb copper with Stinger standard spoon Gin and Tonic
Line Four: 300 ft of 45 lb copper with Moonshine Magnum spoon Happy Meal

Trip Overview

Best Rod: The downriggers were great early on, later in the day meat rigs on dipsy divers
Other Notes: Trolling into the waves was much better than trolling with them. Later in the morning the fish moved from 70-75 of water to 85-90 feet of water. I dropped the riggers down 10 feet each and started catching fish again. I did the same with the meatrigs on the dipsys.
Fish Caught: 18
Fish Lost: 12
Majority of Species Caught: Kings and Cohos

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