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We will be posting the latest news and announcements including latest features for members on the site and sale items or featured products in the Tackle Shop.

February 18, 2013: CaptainsReports.NET is proud to welcome Captain Dan Keating (NorthPoint) and Captain Jason Woda (Milwaukee, WI) to the site! Captain Keating's name speaks for itself in salmon fishing on Lake Michigan. Captain Woda is also a great addition to the team as a tournament angler and is a year round fisherman who runs two boats targeting salmon and trout in Wisconsin.  We are excited to have both Captains join our site, and think this is a phenomenal addition for our members! Our site has now doubled the number of Captains we have participating, and look forward to more in the future.

January 11, 2013: Welcome Captain Rick Bentley of Windy City Salmon Fishing Charters! We are proud to announce that Rick will be joining the team as a contributing Captain to our site this year.  Rick is based out of the port of Waukegan, IL and will provide reports for those of you who fish the north side of Chicago.  Rick brings over twelve years of experience fishing the Waukegan area to our site and is a great addition. Check back often because we will be adding at least one more Captain to the site in the near future...

December 1, 2012: Not sure what to get that buddy or loved one for the holidays?  A great idea is a Gift Certificate from our Tackle Shop.  These can be used on any of the items in the shop, or even for a membership itself to the site.

September 15, 2012: Congratulations to Captain Rich Sleziak on getting second in the Portage, Indiana Salmon Slam! Over thirty boats competed and we are proud to say that one of our Captains placed so well.  Members had access to the detailed report including GPS coordinates within minutes after the weigh in.

August 18, 2012: The weather is certainly not helping recently. The storms that brought 10 to 15 foot waves last weekend have pushed the fish off the south end of the lake. Our Captains in Indiana are turning away trips due to the poor fishing.

We also incorporated a couple of new products into the shop.  The first is a new product named "Cush-It" that is a great solution for anyone who has experienced the grind of a long fight and the butt of the rod digging into your midsection. We have also picked up Dreamweaver snubbers in both the Rip Cord and Downrigger varieties. Check out the Components section of the shop (Dreamweaver section) for more information on any of these items.

July 26, 2012: A tip from Captain Ian Stewart who prefers to run sliders that are the same pattern as the spoon on the downrigger.  He also informed us that he never runs anything but SS size sliders on riggers.  His theory is that if you have a spoon with a working color, it is best to double up.  Hope this helps.

July 25, 2012: CaptainsReports.NET has increased our Rapture Trolling Flies inventory to include a select number of No-See-Um flies that cannot be found in the area.  Check out the new inventory of flies in Blue, Green, and Purple.

July 15, 2012: With the recent storms, fishing got a little bit tougher recently.  All the more reason to get the best information from the top Captains on the lake...  Captain Rich Sleziak has stayed on the fish, giving consistent results on his trips, and he is even providing some perch information as an added vaue. Captain Ralph Steiger found a pocket of BIG kings up north and has maintained some of the best fishing seen in years. The greatest part of this trip has been the fact that we haven't lost a single member to date, with all of our great members renewing their monthly subscription.  If this doesn't speak to the level of value that we are providing, then nothing will!  Thank you all for your support through this, and we hope to continue to provide this information in the futue.

On a separate note, meat rigs have been on fire lately. The combo of John King SUV meat rig with Rapture Zenith UV teaser and Rhys Davis UV Purple Haze meat head has been tough to keep in the water.  The second choice has been the combo of John King Blue-Green Dolphin with Rapture Green Hypnotist and Rhys Davis Green Splatterback meat head on a dipsey diver. The Rhys Davis herring heads are the original herring heads on the market and are very tough to find in the United States.  We think there is a reason they are considered the best in the industry.

June 27, 2012: Fishing remains great from the south end of the lake to Chicago! We haven't seen this level of fishing in the past couple of years, which is great. Early in the year, Blue Dolphin was the pattern. However, our Captains have seen that green and silver has been the hot pattern lately.  In response we have designed, mostly by accident, the hottest spoon on the south side of the lake.  It may be simple, but check out the "Green King" spoon from Dreamweaver exclusively at CaptainsReports.NET. We have proven that it will put more big kings in your boat. It has been the hottest bait for Captain Ralph Steiger in the past few trips!

June 25, 2012: CaptainsReports.NET has announced the latest vehicle in making sure our members get the most up to date information, through the opening of the "CaptainsReports" Twitter feed. Members are able to subscribe, at no cost, to the feed and receive reports including report updates, lake conditions, updated trip data, and even GPS coordinates in real time and where service permits.  This is just another example of how CaptainsReports.NET is driving value to our members to ensure their time on the water is more productive.

June 18, 2012: The contributing Captains from CaptainsReports.NET posted six reports this weekend to help guide members on where and how to fish. Reports will follow soon including Northwest Indiana skamania action as well as Illinois perch fishing reports to help you put more fish in the boat regardless of the species you are targeting. Salmon fishing remains great from Portage, IN to Chicago, IL and our Captains are providing honest and accurate information including GPS numbers for our members to follow.

June 15, 2012: CaptainsReports.NET has posted three more "Pro Tips" videos on the Members Home page for viewing. Topics include "Running Copper and Lead Lines", "Custom Rigging Spin Doctors" as well as "Running Meat Rigs on Dipseys".

June 9, 2012: CaptainsReports.NET has partnered with Rapture Trolling flies to offer Mid and Full sized flies in Comet (Custom Green Crinkle) and Asteroid (Custom Aqua Crinkle) patterns. They come with red heads to trigger additional coho strikes. These are only available from CaptainsReports.NET in limited quantities.

June 6, 2012: Fishing from Portage to Chicago has been outstanding, and we have seen large numbers of Cohos being taken by all three Captains! Fifteen Captain reports have been posted from the three contributors to the site since opening May 18th, including five reports alone from June 2nd to June 4th. This is a span of less than three weeks, with bad weather limiting the number of trips that our Captain's could take the week of May 28th.  We expect that the upcoming good weather forecast will allow all three of our Captain's to post reports leading to what looks like a great weekend!

June 1, 2012: The CaptainsReports.NET Tackle Shop is offering member pricing for a limited time only, thru June 15th. Enter the coupon code GRANDOPEN into any purchase of at least $50.00 and you will receive 15% off most of our products. Please note that custom crankbaits and Combo Packs are not included in this offer due to pricing. Additionally, members that join the club will receive a Coupon Code emailed to them for an additional 5% off (total of 20%) our products until June 15th with no minimum order required. You WILL NOT find lower prices anywhere!

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