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How it works - as a paid member, you have access to the most up to date fishing information from Chicago's best Charter Captains.  Sign up, get a user name and password, and the access is yours.  The site is updated up to three times a week by each Captain to get you timely information on how and where to fish.

Types of Subscriptions:

Monthly: Members can subscribe monthly to the site for $24.95.  At registration you will enter your payment form into our secure (encrypted) Paypal payment system and this payment form will be billed recurringly each month.  In your membership profile, you will always have the ability to suspend or cancel your membership for any reason.

Annual: Members who pay for an entire years worth of access will be charged for only six months, due to fishing being a seasonal activity. Please keep in mind that we are not offering refunds to this service if for some reason you want to cancel your membership, and this type of membership is billed on a recurring basis.

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With a membership you are getting up to date lake fishing information from a variety of Chicagoland ports that you fish.  This site is designed for you to have a personal fishing guide to make your time on the water more productive. Regularly targeted species of our Captains will include salmon and trout, with perch fishing information being available occasionally.

You are not getting reports from unreliable sources; these reports and forecasts are coming from licensed, full-time, professional fishing Charter Captain's who are on the water every day that it's fishable!  These professionals are drawing on their years of on-water experience to provide detailed reports and fishing advice.

Now, you can benefit from their knowledge as well!  Start your membership today to get the most complete and accurate Lake Michigan fishing information available anywhere!

$20.95 per month or $125.00 per year gets you the following: 

  • Current and detailed reports from three of Lake Michigan’s elite Captains
  • Having a better understanding of the little details that make a big difference to charter Captains
  • Understanding when and why to use certain tackle and baits
  • Savings in time and gas by knowing where to target fish
  • Having up to date information on the daily and seasonal movements of salmon and trout
  • The ability to ask questions and learn from professional fisherman
  • Learning how to target specific species and becoming a better tournament and recreational fisherman
  • Understanding when and how to use specialty setups such as leadcore, wire line and copper
  • Learning new areas of Lake Michigan without “fishing blind”
  • A 15 percent discount on all merchandise in our tackle shop
  • Online "Pro Tips" Section that includes videos from our Captains that show how to rig tackle, rods and baits
  • Access to detailed reports updated up to three times a week by multiple Captains from various ports around the lake
  • Valuable information from our Charter Captain's including what is working and what is not

Please note that to maintain the integrity and thus the value of our membership, we request that members do not share Captain's posted fishing reports with others outside the club including posting any of the reports to public forums.  Any member identified in doing so will have their membership terminated immediately and forfeit the right to a refund.

Once your order is complete, you can access the latest information at any time from any computer or any web enabled device.

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Still not sure what to do?   We encourage you to review our sample report that demonstrates our commitment to providing the outstanding information that you will be receiving with your membership.


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