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We have selected our captains from what we feel are the best in each area. These anglers are professionals that are out on the water every day that conditions will allow. This, coupled with the structure of our detailed reports, allows us to be confident that the information that we are providing is the very best. Our goal is to make your time on the water more efficient and effective, allowing you to have a better experience.  Below are some frequently asked questions, if you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at info@captainsreports.net.

What is the cost of membership?
Our membership is $24.95 a month that gets you unlimited access to reports from all of the captains. For a sample of the information that you will receive in each report click here. Members also receive 15% off all tackle in our online store as a benefit to being with our Captains. Please note that once you become a member and activate the account, automated recurring billing for the account on a monthly basis is used to keep your account active. However, you are able to suspend or cancel your membership at any time, with these features being easy to find within your user account settings.

How does the membership renew in the system?
Upon enrollment, your day of the month is automatically recorded and the monthly dues are charged on the same day of each subsequent month.  Your membership can be cancelled at any time during the month by visiting the "Member Profile" page, but payment cannot be pro-rated for that month due to cancellation.

Will the cost of my membership increase?
No, we are making the promise that for a period of at least three years, your price and access to the captains pages that you signed up for is locked in, even if you choose to suspend your membership. Members who cancel their subscription do not retain the right to rejoin at previous rates.

How often are posts updated?
Captains will post reports up to three times a week, depending on weather conditions and their ability to get out on the water.

Are all fishing reports included?
There will be a very limited number of fishing reports that will not be posted on the website for members to consume. For example, Captain Ralph Steiger will not be posting smallmouth fishing reports on the site due to the locality of the fishing spots. Captains may also choose not to post reports immediately before a large tournament like the Coho Classic, that could put them in jeopardy of financial losses from the event.

Will you distribute my information to third parties?
Absolutely not. We view this as a membership and all personal information will treated as such.We may, however, use your information to send you special deals and promotions that we offer on our site.

How do I cancel or suspend the membership?
We understand that fishing is a seasonal activity, and as such we make it easy to suspend or even cancel your membership if you wish. We make this feature prominent on the site within your membership account, not buried where it is inaccessible. Please do note that only active members will receive the discount at the tackle store, however.

What is expected of you as a member?
We ask that you keep the information contained in the site confidential and not repost the information elsewhere on the Internet. If friends and others would like access to the site, please feel free to refer them to join. If members are identified as sharing login credentials or posted information to others, their membership will be suspended and/or terminated immediately.

Does my login and password transfer automatically from the member site to the tackle shop?
At the current time, no.  These are two separate pieces of software that are not easily integrated.  Although we know this is an inconvienence, we are potentially looking into the cost of integration.

How does the Tackle Shop process my 15% discount if the two logins are not integrated?
We are posting a coupon code that will be recognized by the Tackle Shop software in the "Member Home" area of the site.  Members are encouraged to use this code to receive their discount on all tackle that we carry. To ensure the integrity of the code, we compare the shipping address on the order to the member directory to ensure codes aren't shared amongst non-members.

Is my information secure on the site?
CaptainsReports.NET has obtained an encrypted SSL certicate that guarantees the highest level of security available on the web. This layer of encryption is enforced throughout all pages and locations on the site, so that you can be sure that all transactions are conducted securely. It is your responsibility, however, to keep your username and password confidential and that your password is set to a value that are strong , typically consisting of a password length of seven characters that includes upper and lower case letters as well as numbers.

Are you accepting new applications for additional captains?
If you would like to become a contributing member of CaptainsReports.NET, please don't hesitate to email our team.

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